Custom & Bespoke Parts
  As we have facility`s to machine, fabricate and weld most materials including stainless steel and aluminium we are able to make one off parts and repair parts to customers specifications.

As many trikes use car rear brakes there are times when the brakes need to be on the handlebars.
 Motorcycle master cylinders do not have enough displacement for car brakes.
   This Billett aluminium housing takes any girling master cylinder up to 3/4 inch bore.

 This is a one off rack that a customer requested off the shelf racks were available but he wanted a bespoke item.

Right hand  Switch gear and dual levers, Disabled adaption on a Honda Hornet

 A set of bespoke stainless steel v8 headers.                              Drz400 Ally Bash plate


                                       Bespoke Rack / Backrest & Givi Monokey Pannier mounting for VZ1600


    Bepoke Tool box  BMW R1200GS                                        Adapter frame to fit GL1800 seat on VN1600 Trike


       Raked Billet Aluminium Yokes to reduce trail and fit TDM forks on a Virago Trike.



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