V8 Trikes Refurbished & Completed

BMW Straight 6 To V8


      This Trike came in with a 3 series BMW straight six engine manual gearbox and 3 series rear suspension.
 A 5 series BMW 3.5 Auto V8 car was also delivered with a remit to fit the engine,transmission & rear IRS .
The frame was cut and altered to take the V8 engine and Auto transmision.
 The rear suspension was cut out and the frame altered to take the 5 series all aluminium independent rear suspension.
The tiller bars were changed to linkage steering and a complete set of stainless steel leading link forks with billet aluminium yokes made.
Patterns and moulds were then made and a back body was made from the moulds, also stainless radiator surround,side panels, etc were fabricated then painted.
One of the most challenging parts of this conversion were the electics as it is a can bus system and all the ECU`s were linked, Engine,Transmission, Suspension, Air con, etc , etc,
 I do not normaly carry out painting in house but on this trike I hired a spray both so that I could apply the Triumph Strontium Yellow.
 The seats are original.


Rover V8 Unfinished Project 

    Rover V8 Trike project purchased by customer from ebay.
 Engine and gearbox out of alignment with Jaguar IRS.
 Frame lengthened by 10 inches so propshaft could be fitted and engine and gearbox mountings remade.
 The orignal fork assembly was used. 
 Linkage steering in stainless steel.
 side pannels radiator guards and headers made from stainless steel.
The top end of the engine was rebuit including cam,lifters,rocker gear etc.
 We do not carry out uphulstory in house.




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